Wy'East Wines Served at the Followiing Restaurants in the Hood River Valley

Listed below are the restaurants & Retailers that serve Wy'East Vineyards wine

Hood River:

Celilo www.celilorestaurant.com

Sixth Street Bistro www.sixthstreetbistro.com

Brian's Pourhouse www.brianspourhouse.com

Columbia Gorge Hotel www.columbiagorgehotel.com

Three River's Grill www.threeriversgrill.com

Sawtooth Roadhouse www.sawtoothroadhouse.com

Apple Valley BBQ www.applevalleystore.com

Timberline Lodge /www.timberlinelodge.com/dining/wine-list/

Riverside Grill www.riversidehoodriver.com

Volcanic Bottle Shoppe www.volcanicbottleshoppe.com

The Farm Stand /www.farmstandgorge.com

Timberline Lodge www.timberlinelodge.com

Farmer John's Produce - 64678 Cook Ave, Tumalo, OR 97701 ~ 541-389-2968


If you can't find see our wine, you can always ask your retailer to start carrying it!