Christie & Dick Reed

Dick was borned and raised in Chicage and Christie has midwestern farming roots. Christie's wonderous visit to Bordeaux, France in 1976 laid the groundwork for a lifelong interest in the wine industry. Chicago was the national wine auction center in the 1980's, and the Reeds availed themselves of interesting speakers and fabulous wines passing through the auction scene. 

Dick and Christie left the Chicago area and moved to Hood River in 1992. A year later they bought what has become Blue Chip Farm and Vineyard. The old fruitstand is now the tasting room, an old barn and stable became the the winery! Dick actively manages the vineyard and pear orchard, while Christie helps in the tasting room, organizes bottling and financial matters. The month of October is filled with havest and crush, and Christie is usually found on the forklift.


Jose Valdez

Jose has worked for the Reeds for over 16 years.  He in invaluable to the management of the  vineyards, orchards and winemaking.  He has taken numerous vineyard management seminars, and handles organization of harvest and crush.  He can make repairs on tractors and other equipment and troubleshoot with irrigation.  And he never finishes a task without a broad smile on his face!  He leaves nearby with his wife, Asalia, and two sons.  


Peter Cushman

Peter joined Wy'East as winemaker in 2012. The third-generation Oregon winemaker grew up in McMinnville – heart of the Willamette Valley, and has been in wineries before he was able to walk. Peter studied biology and chemistry at the University of Oregon, graduating in 2009 and moving to Hood River to work for his family’s winery – Viento, as they moved to the promising Columbia Gorge wine region.  Working with multiple wineries in the Gorge, as well as Framingham Wines in Marlborough NZ, has helped Peter shape is winemaking style to show the exceptional quality of the vines at Wy'East.

Glen Pearce

Glen joined Wy'East in February of 2015. He came with a vast knowledge about wine in the Gorge, having worked many years in the Gorge wine industry. Glen helps with our wholesale accounts and group tours. He has been living in Hood River with his wife, Patti since 1998. 


Kelly Asbridge

Kelly has worked for Wy'East Vineyards on and off for several years during the summer months. Recently, Kelly expanded her role by taking over the Wine Club. She is an avid USTA tennis player and enjoys hiking with her dog, Sadie.